Advanced manufacturing solutions

Our manufacturing and supply chain solutions help customers to achieve the business advantage they need. Jabil Russia both guiding it's global customers to the local market moving them closer to the end-users as well as helping the Russian companies to achieve new, international level.

Advance to the new level and helping hand to globalization for Russian companies

Passing product manufacturing to Jabil, Russian companies can dramatically increase its quality, reduce cost and always get on-time delivery no matter how complicated is the product and how big or small is the order quantity.

Jabil's experience and global presence helps our customers to ease expansion to foreign markets, including EMEA/US and emerging markets (Brazil, India, etc) requesting localization or low cost solutions.

Localization and flexibility for global manufacturers

We help our global customers, who is targeting Russian market, get the necessary localization level and fulfill all licensing and certification requirements, as well as organize build-to-order and configure-to-order manufacturing for local customers needs.

In addition to manufacturing services, we can make components import and custom clearance, managing supply chain of any complexity and with highest quality requirements. We can also provide the distribution logistics and spare parts management for our customers.

PCB assembly

  • From single board to hundreds of thousands
  • High speed SMT assembly line (up to 140 000 comp/hour) based on FUJI NXT chip shooter
  • Automatic optical inspection, in-circuit and functional testing
  • Through hole assembly. Manual, wave and selective soldering

Box-build and turn-key electronics assembly

  • Built-to-order and Configured-to-order assembly to fit local customers needs
  • Flexibility and efficiency of assembly lines. In-house line manufacturing
  • Localization to fit government requirements
  • Cryptographic & FSB licenses
  • Competitive labor rate in Russia and labor availability

Supply chain management

  • Access to Jabil supply chain pricing
  • Mechanicals solution from Jabil/Nypro and Russian suppliers basis
  • Reliable customs clearance reducing inventory needs
  • Markets proximity compresses the overall supply chain
  • 20,000 sqm warehouse on site and direct shipment to customers/retailers


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